WHO to promote safe driving in Romania where 1000s die in traffic accidents every year

The World Health Organization will launch a campaign to promote safe driving in Romania, a country where more people die in road accidents than any anywhere else in the European Union.

The WHO Country Office in Romania and Titi Aur Academy, a school that teaches motorist the art of defensive drivig, will launch the campaign on June 5 in a special session focusing on reducing traffic accidents.

According to Eurostat, Romania has 86 deaths per million inhabitants,  almost double than the EU average. Romanian Police reports testify that the leading causes of serious road accidents are excessive speed and dangerous driving.

Road traffic deaths and injuries are a major global health and development challenge. In 2019, road traffic crashes were the leading cause of death for children and young people aged 5 to 29 years. Overall,  deadly traffic accidents are the 12th leading cause of death according to the global status report on road safety 2023.

In a bid to reduce unnecessary deaths on the road, WHO Romania and Titi Aur Academy have launched a campaign. They will invite media representatives to join the action in a ” a special informative and interactive initiative”  on Wednesday in Crevedia,a village northwest of Bucharest.

This session will focus on speeding, on of the main risk factors. There will be a  traffic crash simulation and exercises on the circuit,  a press release said.

The Titi Aur Academy is a private school which teaches drivers about risks, hones their  skills and helps them improve their road manners.

Romania again records the highest number of fatalities in road accidents in Europe


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